L'Astrologue 6.1

Interpret astral charts


  • Simple interface with astral calendar
  • Dynamical chart
  • Hide and show elements
  • Biorhythm, numerology


  • Not clear how you edit data
  • No help

Very good

What's your astrological sign and your ascendant? What mood are you in today? L'Astrologue claims to be able to tell for you. We liked the colorful interface, composed of the astral calendar, and which lets you add elements like planets or objects easily. The dynamical astra chart is fun to use and will show the progression of your sign. L'Astrologue doesn't limit itself to astrology and also features other beliefs like biorhythms or numerology.

L'Astrologue looks good and is all around accessible but real guidance for first time users is lacking . There's no help guide available nor are there any explanations to the different features in the program. For one, we could not understand how you can edit your data like town or birthdate.

Despite these small drawbacks, L'Astrologue is an enjoyable and well designed application for all sorts of astrologers.

L'Astrologue is an astrological software, intended to compute, draw and interpret natal charts on the Macintosh.

It has been developed on Macintosh because there was a lack of such programs on this platform. Planetary and houses positions are computed with great accuracy (less than two arc minutes in longitude) and the calculation routines are the result of an intricate research and were tested over a long period of time.

L'Astrologue should be of great help for amateur or professional astrologers. Its distribution as a shareware, gives us the oppurtunity to propose it at a low fee, in comparison of what you can find in this area.



L'Astrologue 6.1

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